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    "I'm out there to clean the plate."

    Richard Ben Cramer, 2005

    Pivotal Tuesdays

    (Penn Press, 2015). Serious and silly, unifying and polarizing, presidential elections have become events that Americans love and hate. Pivotal Tuesdays looks back at four pivotal presidential elections of the past 100 years to show how they shaped the twentieth century. Exploring the personalities, critical moments, and surprises of the elections of 1912, 1932, 1968, and 1992, this book shows how elections are windows into changing economic times and how history is made when ordinary people cast their ballots.


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    Cities of Knowledge

    (Princeton, 2005). Focusing on the years 1945 to 1970, Cities of Knowledge shows the complex bundle of public and private forces that drove high-tech innovation and determined the very particular geography of high-tech regions. Many places have tried to become "the next Silicon Valley." This book shows how and why this has proved to be so difficult.


    You can read the Introduction here.


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    Current projects

    I'm now writing a history of the high-tech revolution, from the mainframe era to the present, under contract with Penguin Press.


    You can see me talking about this work at the 2015 ACLS Annual Meeting here.