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    "I'm out there to clean the plate."

    Richard Ben Cramer, 2005

    Leaders of Sun Microsystems, 1987, Ed Kashi/Corbis via Computer History Museum

    The Code

    Silicon Valley and the Remaking of America

    Coming in July 2019,


    The epic human story of how, out of a small patch of land in Northern California, high tech recreated America in its image, for good and for ill.


    More information and links to pre-order at Penguin Press.

    Pivotal Tuesdays by Margaret O'Mara

    Pivotal Tuesdays

    Four Elections That Shaped the Twentieth Century

    Pivotal Tuesdays looks back at four pivotal presidential elections of the past 100 years and the great debates, divides and political transformations they catalyzed and reflected.. Exploring the personalities, critical moments, and surprises of the elections of 1912, 1932, 1968, and 1992, Margaret O'Mara shows how and why candidates won or lost and examines the effects these campaigns had on the presidencies that followed. This isn't just a book about politics. It is about the evolution of a nation and the history made by ordinary people who cast their ballots.


    Available at Penn Press or Amazon.


    Cities of Knowledge by Margaret O'Mara

    Cities of Knowledge

    Cold War Science and the Search for the Next Silicon Valley

    What is the magic formula for turning a place into a high-tech capital? How can a city or region become a high-tech powerhouse like Silicon Valley? For over half a century, through boom times and bust, business leaders and politicians have tried to become "the next Silicon Valley," but few succeeded. In her definitive 2005 book, Margaret O'Mara shows that high-tech regions are not simply accidental market creations but "cities of knowledge"--planned communities of scientific production that were shaped and subsidized by the original venture capitalist, the Cold War defense complex.


    Available at Princeton University Press or Amazon.