What a week!

THE CODE is out in the world

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It was a whirlwind of a week in New York and Washington D.C. for the release of The Code. I'm just thrilled by its reception and by the great conversations I had on TV, radio, and in person.

Here's a roundup of some media appearances and published pieces thus far, with links:

Letting the Internet Regulate Itself Was a Good Idea -- In the 1990s: my July 6 op-ed in The New York Times provided historical perspective on our current lively debates on tech regulation, privacy, and more.

The Biography of Silicon Valley: on July 8 I spoke about the book with Carol Massar and Jason Kelly on Bloomberg Radio.

How The Department of Defense Bankrolled Silicon Valley: The New York Times Book Review made my publication day with a terrific review of the book that dropped online on July 9.

How Silicon Valley Was Transformed into a High-Tech Hub: my July 9 conversation with MSNBC's Ali Velshi.

We Love Stories of Silicon Valley's Success, But What About Its History?, a two-part interview on Marketplace Tech with Jed Kim, which aired July 10 and 11.

'The Code' Looks At Big Tech's Role in Remaking America: a great conversation with the team at MSNBC's Morning Joe, airing July 10.

How Antitrust Laws Can Save Silicon Valley -- Without Breaking Up the Tech Giants: a return to the pages of The Washington Post's Made By History opinion section, published July 10.

How Silicon Valley Remade America in its Image: a wonderful long-form conversation with Brian Balogh about the book on the BackStory podcast.

I also did a number of live tapings, experienced my first five-hour long radio satellite tour (!), and recorded other exciting things to be revealed later.

Best of all, I got to celebrate with colleagues, friends, and family virtually (through those social media platforms everyone's talking about these days) and in person, as well as connect with so many others who are buying and reading and responding to the book. Thank you!

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