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    "I'm out there to clean the plate."
    Richard Ben Cramer, 2005
    THE CODE: Silicon Valley and the Remaking of America, by Margaret O'Mara (Penguin Press, 2019)

    The Code

    Silicon Valley and the Remaking of America

    The epic human story of how, out of a small patch of land in Northern California, high tech recreated America in its image, for good and for ill.


    Available at Penguin Press or Amazon.

    Pivotal Tuesdays by Margaret O'Mara

    Pivotal Tuesdays

    Four Elections That Shaped the Twentieth Century

    A story of politics, and a story of a nation and its people. Four pivotal presidential elections of the American century, and the great cultural and political transformations that surrounded them.


    Available at Penn Press or Amazon.


    Cities of Knowledge by Margaret O'Mara

    Cities of Knowledge

    Cold War Science and the Search for the Next Silicon Valley

    How high-tech regions came to be, what the Cold War had to do with it, and how research universities became agents of America's political and economic transformation.


    Available at Princeton University Press or Amazon.